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EXERCISENow available on repeat prescription!

If someone said that there was a medicine which could:

  • decrease your risk of having a stroke
  • reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and decrease your risk of having a heart attack
  • prevent you from developing debilitating diabetes
  •  reduce your risk of bowel cancer, breast cancer and many other malignant disease
  • help you fight off infections
  • reduce stress, prevent and treat depression and increase energy levels

All in all that it can help you to live a longer yet healthier and more independent life (and what’s more, with few side effects!)…
……Would you believe that it existed? Surely a medicine successful in achieving all these things should be hailed a wonder drug (and should probably make someone extremely rich!).
If you haven’t guessed yet, then the medicine I am alluding to is of course exercise. Science has yet to find a solitary drug which can tackle so many health problems with such efficacy and with such wide availability…in fact – it would seem to be an unattainable holy grail. Exercise is in fact the complete opposite as it is accessible in so many forms. There are however, just a few drawbacks….
You have to do it,
You have to do it regularly

You don’t necessarily get to ‘see’ all of the benefits.
I will be discussing the medical aspects of exercise in a series of regular articles which I hope will offer bite-sized insight into just how important and how beneficial exercise can be.  I will take a look at topics which you will relate to in everyday life including: how exercise can help (and sometimes hinder!!!) your immune system, how to make sure you don’t become a victim of the global epidemic of diabetes and how exercise can be the best anti-ageing regime you will ever do!

I hope that these little bites will help you balance these benefits with the ever increasing demands life puts on us. If this encourages you to take up exercise on a regular basis onto or even just motivates you to attend that gym class (even though you are nice and comfortable on the sofa at home!) then I will have done my job. Giving up regular exercise is NOT AN OPTION!

Take a regular dose of exercise… society, yourself and your future WILL benefit!


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