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Juice? This is my ‘Why’


My name is Sally Wilkinson.

It is exactly 5 years since I first started juicing.

As you can see from the photos I used to be a lot bigger, over 4 stone bigger. I was not always like

this, I just ate a lot when I was pregnant. I am the only person I know who put weight on after the

birth of their child. I looked and felt like I had eaten somebody’s twins!

When I had got to that familiar feeling of hitting rock bottom I signed up to a slimming club, again,

with renewed hope. I stuck to my diet, counted points or syns, got my smiley face stamp on my

weighing in card as a reward for losing anything half a pound or over.

I lost 2 stone in 4 months. I was quite pleased with myself but that all too familiar feeling of wanting

to quit and eat the contents of Sainsbury was just around the corner. I had had 4 months of being

strict with my diet, counting everything and feeling tremendous guilt if I dared to go over my points


I knew the crash was coming. I stopped being ‘good’ and ‘careful’ and so my weight loss stopped. I

repeatedly told myself that that would do, 2 stone over where I knew I could be. I was convinced

because I have always been quite fit.

I spent the next few months going to occasional meetings, paying money and taking my watch off

before I got weighed…yes that really does happen! You also might be lucky and lose another half a

pound if you hold your breath and lean backwards on the scales! I sometimes used to go to bed

with a bar of galaxy, a big one of course, eat the lot and feel that bad and disgusted with myself

that I felt almost excited that tomorrow would be different.

Tomorrow was never different, as soon as I opened my eyes I would be hit with the battle that I

know I should be ‘good’ but of course would inevitably end up being ‘bad’. It all came to a head at

one particular meeting. I had been weighed and lost half a pound for the 100th time and was sat

there looking at everyone eating their low point crisps and chocolate bars. The leader was beaming

because Sainsbury had started selling a new beef casserole and dumplings that was low in

points…everyone was really impressed and were already mentally adding It to their shopping list…I

had an epiphany…As I looked around me I knew with such certainty that I no longer wanted to live

my life like this.

I didn’t want to live a life, restricted by counting everything I ate down to the last malteser or grape

depending what mood I was in. I no longer wanted to queue and pay to stand on some scales only

to be told I had stayed the same, I didn’t want to see my line of smiley faces becoming more

inconsistent…the whole thing made me feel shit which I would then ironically cure momentarily with

a Walls Vienetta! More importantly I no longer wanted to live my life feeling ‘that will do!’

I went straight to the computer with such a belief that there had to be another way…I had been

here so many times before. When I had failed again at a diet, after the initial berating of myself I

would get a rush of excitement when I surfed the net looking for the next big thing. This was a day

5 years ago that would change my life for ever…I discovered Jason Vale, The Juice Master.

I was lucky enough to get a last minute cancellation onto his juice, fitness and yoga retreat in


I have never looked back. I lost 10lb in that 7 days and 4{c3aa7e5351dca1076c095a68cfee160566e2ca3f349c9f36c921e4525ab929cf} body fat but much more importantly I

completely changed the way I feel and think about food. The retreat consisted of 4 fresh veg/fruit

juices a day with lots of exercise including walking, circuit training, rebounding! and yoga. I then

went home and lost another stone and a half. I just had a juice for breakfast and maybe lunch then

whatever I liked for my tea. I completely stopped counting anything including calories. I stopped

buying low fat anything as I had learnt that it is just either full of sugar or even worse, artificial

sweeteners. I threw away my low fat cooking oil spray and started drowning my salads in dressings

that I made myself with rapeseed oil (just the salad dressing that I have almost every day is

equivalent to a whole days points allowance) but what the hell, I now know that it is good for me

and my body needs it.

I can’t begin to tell you how liberating it is to be free from that mental diet hell that had me trapped

for most of my adult life. Now, 5 years down the line, I juice every morning for breakfast, have a

huge raw salad most lunches, with a calorie content that would make slimming club leaders toes

curl…and the great thing is I don’t have to stop at 3 walnuts, I have a whole damn handful crushed

on the top! I usually eat 2 avocados daily, that in itself is my points allowance gone…but this is

natural unprocessed food that my body recognises and so can utilise quickly.

I will never be a complete raw food vegan as for those of you who know me know I love the 3

P’s…Prossecco, Pies and Pizza Express. The great thing is I now have any of them whenever I

want, usually at least 2 of them together. I have no guilt or worry, don’t have to climb Kilimanjaro to

make up for it and I enjoy every moment of it. Eating what I used to call bad food no longer sets me

off on a week long binge…I just get up and juice every morning.

I always get asked ‘but how can that fill you?’ Because it’s in a glass people don’t see it as food but

let me tell you it feeds and nourishes my body a damn sight more than a carefully weighed out

bowl of rice crispies or bran flakes with skimmed milk ever did!

A few years ago I trained with Jason Vale to be a Natural Juice Therapist.

I have learnt so much and almost feel angry that I have been duped by the diet industry all these

years. I am now very lucky to work quite a few fortnights a year on Jason’s retreats in Turkey and

Portugal where I teach all the fitness. I have no doubt met some of you!

I get to see amazing transformations in people in less than a week. It really is unbelievable what

can be achieved when you combine a juice detox with a lot of varied fitness in such a short space

of time.

It is this reason I want to share what I have learnt. I totally understand what it is like to be either

On or OFF that bloody diet wagon! This year, I have started running my own 3 day juice and fitness

retreats at my lovely local family owned gym called VVV Health Club. It is set on the beautiful

Morecambe Bay in the North West of England.

I will show you how to stay off that wagon for good and blow the damn thing up! You are provided

with 4 fresh juices/smoothies every day. I am a nordic walking instructor so you will also learn how

to nordic walk and we will do that daily. Nordic walking is the most amazing exercise and works

96{c3aa7e5351dca1076c095a68cfee160566e2ca3f349c9f36c921e4525ab929cf} of your muscles. Everybody who tries it, loves it!. You also do lots of other exercise including,

circuits, spinning, Bodypump, Bodybalance, Insanity and Yoga. I will be there and will be teaching

all the classes, apart from yoga! I will also run juice talks, where I will really change your thinking

with regards to the ‘all or nothing’ approach. DO NOT be put off by all the exercise…I cater to all

levels from the complete unfit novice to the superfit. We all work together and have such a laugh at

the same time. I had a 79 year old lady last weekend! Remember that even though it started off for

me as a weight issue this has just now become a bonus. I love the feeling of empowerment and

strength I have. My main reason for juicing now is for health and to keep my body flooded with

natural live enzymes that you do not get from cooked food, no matter how healthy it is.

My retreats in February and March have sold out so I have put an extra date on starting the

27thFebruary. If you do want to find out more ( no worries at all if you don’t) you can look at my

Facebook page, called GET OVER YOURSELF – GET FITTER. the link is

getfitterwithsally I am sorry I have gone on a bit and if you are still reading this then I take my hat

off to you!


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